Occupational Therapy Services

Paediatric Occupational Therapy is the use of therapeutic play to address developmental delays.  The purpose of therapy is to overcome challenges and gain skills in the areas of play,  school skills,  leisure and self care.  Occupational Therapy intervention may be helpful if your child is having difficulties in any of these areas.

For example,

If your infant has 3 or more of the following difficulties:

• difficulty with swallowing or chewing when feeding

• delayed personal-social or language skills

• difficulty using hands to pick up and manipulate toys

• avoids puzzles

• seems weak or floppy

• delays in sitting, crawling, standing, walking


If your preschooler has 3 or more of the following difficulties:

• difficulty using utensils and feeding independently

• delayed personal-social or language skills

• overly active, difficulty paying attention

• difficulty with colouring or using scissors

• uncoordinated, trips or falls easily

• resists sensory activities such as bathing or tooth brushing


If your school-aged child has 3 or more of the following difficulties:

• difficulty paying attention to a task or instructions

• low self-esteem

• takes longer to learn new skills compared to peers

• unable to keep up with writing demands at school

• prints letters too close together or not on the line

• presses hard when writing, complains of hand pain after using hand


SPOTServices provides private individualised occupational therapy services for children of all ages.  These services may include assessment, treatment or consultation.

Occupational Therapy services may benefit children who have:

  • acquired brain injuries
  • attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • developmental coordination disorder
  • developmental delays
  • handwriting difficulties
  • learning disabilities




Examples of treatment areas include but are not limited to:

  • cognitive skills
  • feeding skills
  • fine motor skills
  • gross motor skills
  • sensory processing skills
  • visual perception skills


For more information about what Occupational Therapy can do for you and your child, check out the Occupational Therapy Ontario website http://otontario.ca.