Do you feel like your student is struggling with something but you don’t know what it is? Need help putting the puzzle together?

Searching for ways to help your students progress with skills such as  handwriting,  attention and organization?

Looking for professional development opportunities?

The following seminars can be tailored to meet the needs of teaching staff or parent groups:

  • Fine Motor Skills and School Aged Children
  • Sensory Motor skills, what are they?
  • Attention! Attention! Cognitive function
  • Help for the Disorganized Learner
  • Back Education and Energy Conservation for Caregivers

Seminars will review basic information, what to look for to help students and strategies to try with them.

I have presented to teaching staff at a number of schools in the Toronto District School Board and to parent groups.

Please call 416-829-6750 for more information about pricing or to book a seminar.